Expertise to take your research further.

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The support you need to lead

Infotools Plus: tap into our expertise and take your research investment further.

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Three ways Infotools Plus helps business

Your team...plus Infotools people, plus Infotools reporting, plus Infotools workshops.

A flexible approach to skilled resourcing: hard-to-find skills, exactly when you need them.

Insightful reports in the blink of an eye: our PowerPoint reporting is fast and accurate.

Get more value from your research by having expert moderators help you explore the data together.

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An Infotools expert slots into your team

A hard-to-find skill becomes an advantage when you need it most
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PowerPoint reports without the wait

Our tools and experience mean we can produce PowerPoint reports which are 100% accurate in a fraction of the time it takes you or your agencies.


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Your data can solve your business problems.

Infotools runs workshops with decision-makers to help them unlock the answers from their consumer insight data.
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