Preserving and enhancing the quality of your research.

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Infotools Protocol: strong, independent supervision of survey design, data collection and processing.

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Three tiers of Infotools Protocol

Infotools Protocol helps client side researchers with three services.
Protocol Guardian
Fieldwork Audit
Supplier Management

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Brand Market Research

Protocol Guardian

Document and maintain your standards and processes. Protect against changes of staff and suppliers. Be ready for emergencies. Your articulated protocol is ready to be given to agencies, ensuring consistency when conducting multi-market studies.
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Fieldwork Audit

Report from the field. Not just the questionnaire but the sampling, methodology, exactly how the research is being implemented, and what impact it has on the findings.

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Supplier Management

One point of contact - gain confidence that standards are maintained.
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Infotools Protocol Supplier Management

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Infotools House, Auckland, New Zealand

To our clients, we are a global agent

We help them regulate the changes that happen across the globe. We understand the detail by connecting with the markets, and communicate back to our clients with a summary so that they’re always aware of what’s happening, and can take action.

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As a global agent, we get to understand the markets
And our understanding allows us to harmonise measures. We show our clients how much a region separates from global protocol by monitoring the monthly changes, and updating them with the status of individual tools used by markets.
Infotools House

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