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Beautiful. Interactive. Slick.

Infotools Visulite: entice your staff to interact with your customer insight data.

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Easy access interface for your research

Unlock your research via a single access point for all users - while you control how much they can see.

Purpose-built consumer insight visualizations which serve your business.


Device compatibility means there are no barriers - see and share your results anywhere.


Fast, seamless data updates - no more manual updating of charts. You get time to think.

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Infotools Visulite Highlights

Learn Infotools Visulite in 2 minutes.

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Johan Van Kuyk, Infotools
Share the right data views with the right people - an executive view for directors, a closer look for marketers.
Johan van Kuyk, Infotools HEAD OF PRODUCT

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Find out how this product could enhance your business.

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Infotools Visulite 2015 Quick Start Guide

Get started with Infotools Visulite 2015 in seconds. Use this guide if you’ve used an earlier version of Infotools Visulite.
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Visulite 2015 Quick Start Guide

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Infotools Visulite FAQs

What graph types can I choose? Will it work on a smartphone? And more...
Infotools Visulite FAQs
Infotools Visulite FAQs

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