Our clients lead their fields. Infotools has spent over 20 years helping clients around the world get more value from their research and giving them space to think. As a result, we've built strong long-term relationships with them.

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Infotools empowers automotive sales teams to be more informed about their market - in turn finding opportunities for growth.

CPG Marketing Research

Nimble and decisive insights platforms are essential to ensuring your business keeps up with consumers in CPG market research and retail market research.

Finance Marketing Research

Financial sector metrics need to be as clear-cut as banking data. That’s where a single fountain of truth can help.

From pharmaceuticals to medical insurance & healthcare provision, healthcare is a specialist field. We understand this.

In the fast-moving, multi-cultural world of hospitality, you need tools that work fast. Infotools Visulite provides a common platform for global teams.

Public Sector

Transparency and guardrails are essential for sharing insight effectively. Unlock the potential by sharing the right insight with the right people.

technology market research
Technology is definitely the new ‘fast moving’ category: transitioning from products to emotion-led brands. Speed, tools and the knowledge bank are fundamental in meeting this need.

Telcos are changing fast. CEM is critical not just for insight pros, but the wider company. Engaging research platforms mean everyone is on the pulse.

Infotools helps clients reinforce their return on research investment by giving them control of their data.

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